The New Hampshire Alliance is an association of Evangelical and Renewal Ministries who are believing God for revival and reformation in our state.


Following the example of unity given in John 17, we believe that the unity of the Church is essential to revival in NH. To achieve this, the New Hampshire Alliance brings together the Christian Churches of New Hampshire for the purposes of unified prayer, nights of worship, pastoral fellowship and cooperative ministry to our state.


We believe that the Church was never meant to be a collection of independent organizations with similar missions competing for congregation members, fighting over minor differences in doctrine or segregated by worship preferences.  The Church was meant to be the assembly of Christ-followers who are working together in unity, collectively bringing glory to name of Jesus by impacting our region with the gospel. To see this vision of the Church manifest in NH is the aim of the NH Alliance.


Our approach is summarized in this: ‘Unity in the essentials, liberty on nonessentials and charity in all things.’


The essentials are this: Jesus is both Savior and Lord. God’s Word is inerrant, and the Holy Spirit is the One leading us into all truth.  This unites us as we seek to bring about revival and Kingdom transformation to the state of NH.


The NH Alliance provides opportunities for connection and collaboration that advance the Kingdom of God and strengthen the unique calling and mission of individual churches, ministries, individuals and businesses serving the Church of Jesus Christ in NH.

Overview of the NH Alliance



Make checks payable to NH Alliance

c/o Dick Kiernan, NHA Coordinator

9 Eastman Ave.

Bedford, NH 03110



NH Alliance

9 Eastman Ave.

Bedford, NH 03110


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